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Scrapbook Garden Challenge Clubs

2011 Challenge Points Redemption
10 Points - 1 sheet 8.5 x 11 or 12x12 paper
25 Points - 1/2 off any one item
75 Points - Free Challenge Kit
100 Points - Free Crop or Class priced $20 or less

General Information
SG offers 3 challenges to get your creative juices flowing.  Each challenge has its own points to earn.  You may participate in any or all of the challenges offered each month.  You may participate in any or all of the months of the year.

Challenge dates will be in the general email but specifics will be on the blog and in a separate challenge email.  If you are interested in receiving emails with challenge specifics, please email jrmnash@yahoo.com to be added to that Challenge email list.

There are just a few general rules to keep everything running smoothly.
~All entries should be created by you and able to be posted.
~Each project should only be submitted once.
~You agree to allow submitted entries to be posted online or displayed in our store with your first name as credit.
~To get all the points for on-time submission have entry in by the last day the store is open on or before the deadline.
~General points for each entry include: 
5-entry turned in by deadline
2-entry turned in the same calendar year

**Make sure to update your own points in the funky folder when you turn in your submissions!!!
Monthly Kit Challenge
What:  A kit containing everything you need to make one (1) scrapbook layout or one (1) card is available to purchase.  **New in 2012 we will be offering card kits with a little less product for only $4.  Layouts, cards and any other paper craft project produced using the kit will be voted on together by customers.  If there are 4 or more cards or "other" items, we may have a separate card or "other" item drawing so get your friends involved!  Items included will be retailed at over $6 and $4 respectively.  Great deal already!! 

**New for 2012 purchase the kit for $8 and you may submit a layout and a card.  How fun is that?!

Goal:  The object is use all of the items in the kit and as few other items as possible.  Some kits won’t require other items but some may.  For example, the kit may contain multiple pieces of patterned paper but you may choose to add a solid.  Please, make something you’ll use!  Make a card or scrapbook layout.  You may submit as many kits as you like each month but you must purchase a kit for each submission.  **New in 2012 we will offer a separate card vote if 4 or more submissions are received.  Card winner will receive a $6 gift certificate.

When:  Every month for approximately 5 weeks a kit is available.  For example, the February kit will be available the last full week in January and all of February.

Deadline:  Each month’s submission is due the last day the store is open at the end of that month. 

Points for the Kit Challenge in addition to the general points for time of submission will be issued for:
2-entry using all of the kit pieces or a part of each piece (got it? J)
1-entry using only the kit but not necessarily all of the kit
1-photos included in scrapbook layouts (layouts only)
1-title and journaling included (layouts only)
1-cards with anything on the inside or on a submitted envelope (cards only)

Prizes:  At least one winner (as described above) will be voted on by customers for the month and win a $10 (or $6) gift certificate to the store.  Remaining entries will be placed in a drawing for a chance to win next month’s kit for FREE!

Monthly Reduce Challenge
What:  A free challenge for you to use specific items in your stash.  The challenge might be for consumable items like paper or stickers or to use tools like your crop-o-dile or a punch.

Goal:  Use all of the items.  If you don’t have an item in your stash, substitute for something else and name the substitution with your submission.  The goal is to use up items you’ve been accumulating not to add to it J  (Yes, this isn’t really a help to the store’s income but we’re here to serve you and besides---it’s fun!)

When:  Twice monthly.  Email will be sent out the beginning of each month.

Deadline:  Submissions are due the last day of the month.

Points:  Points for the Reduce Challenge will be issued for:
1-point for EACH item used as challenged (total will vary monthly)
1-creative use of an item (not using an item as intended)
1-photos included in scrapbook layouts (layouts only)
1-title and journaling included (layouts only)
1-cards with anything on the inside or on a submitted envelope (cards only)

Winners will be chosen by me, Roni, based on the points above.  Yes, you can slap on all the stuff and get all the points.  See, I know what you’re thinking J but then I will take the top point-getters and choose a winner based on how the items were used, originality of item, balance of entry, etc.

Prizes:  Turn in your project on time to be entered in the Reduce/Explorers' prize drawing each month.

Monthly Explorers Club
What:  A group interested in trying new things.  Some may not be new but you haven’t used in a while or may find a new way to use something.

Goal:  The object is to experience what else is out there and broaden your horizons paper-craftingly speaking!  Only submissions using the challenge technique, tool, or item will be accepted.  Items must be designed and created by you.  The goal is for you to feel comfortable using your stuff and trying new things!

When:  We will meet monthly for Explorers Club.  SG will offer a FREE project for you to do using the challenge item.  You are then challenged to make your own project for entry.  This will be for our customers who are 16 years of age or older.  If it goes well we may add a children’s club periodically.
Deadline:  Submission is due at the end of the month.

Points:  Points for the Explorers’ Club will be issued for:
1-creative use of challenge technique, item or tool
1-photos included in scrapbook layouts (layouts only)
1-title and journaling included (layouts only)
1-cards with anything on the inside or on a submitted envelope (cards only)

Bonus:  During the month of the challenge the challenge items will be available at an additional 10% off our already low prices.  (Most items are 20% off retail all the time!)

Another Bonus:  As long as we’re able in 2012 you may purchase (??? special item and pricing to be determined).  We are also offering the Tim Holtz Vagabond machine (an electric version of the Cuttlebug) at a price so low we're not allowed to advertise it!!  We will be using this for several challenges throughout the year.  If you do not have one the store has one available for use for free any time we aren’t holding a crop or class.

Prizes:  Each month five or more submissions are turned in for Explorers' Club or Reduce Challenge on time there will be a prize drawing!