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Friday, May 13, 2011

Weekend Inspiration

OK, this layout was totally playing.  I used a black paint dabber to cover the lamp post with gold stickles behind it to make it look lit.  I also used the paint as an adhesive for the thin pink paper.  Photo doesn't show it well but the "Grandma's Featherbed" sign is completely covered in Glossy Accents and it came out great.  The biggest problem I had was adhering my photos to the blue glitter paper.  I finally ended up using the Glossy Accents again!

Anyway, I had to have a good time doing the layout.  Just look at the fun the girls were having when I took the pictures!

Racks Available

This double 12 x12 wire rack is only $60 and has 30 slots.  Single racks also available for only $30.  This is a great way to organize your papers in color groups, by child, by holiday or any other way you can imagine.

These gorgeous racks just came in from Ohio.  They are a maple finish and fit 44 paper trays comfortably with 88 different slot choices using pegs for easy arrangement options. There are also embellishment bins available as shown by the 2 on the right.  Racks come with any combination of 44 paper or embellishment trays.  These double racks are no longer available from the manufacturer but their single racks retail for over $300 plus s/h.  This is a great opportunity for the beautiful craft room you've always wanted at an affordable price.  There are limited numbers so don't wait too long to rearrange your dream craft room!!

Challenge Kit Winner

March Challenge Kit winner as voted by customers is Chrisna.  Using the kit she created this super cute double page layout of a little girl and her daddy.  Awwwwwww!  Great job, Chrisna, and everyone else who submitted projects.

I will also add a note that Mary Alice has been unchallenged for several months submitting a card using the Challenge Kit.  She has some competition now and says to the rest of you, "Bring it!"  I can't wait to see what you all come up with!

For those who purchase the kit and do a layout I have an offer.  You may purchase an Add-on Challenge Kit.  Pay $2 more ($8 total for your kit) and you may submit 2 projects from the same kit.  You may choose any two of the following three catagories: 1) layout,  2) card or 3) other.

So now, in the words of MAL, "Bring it!"

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Latest Reduce Challenge

R1109 – now through May 18 use the following:
1)     silver
2)     stamp pad or paint
3)     at least one black and white or sepia and white photo
4)     something shiny or glittery (you know—bling)
5)     something metal

If you'd like to receive monthly reminders about the Reduce Challenge and other challenges, please call the store at 616-642-6062 or email jrmnash@yahoo.com.

Question About Photo Organization

I recently had the question posed to me about how to orgainize photos.  My advice for organizing photos would be the same advice I give to my customers just starting scrapbooking:  start current.  Under the same philosophy of Dave Ramsey and pay off small debts first...it's encouraging.  You are more likely to remember details and can tuck notes in with the pics.

If you organize your photos by date I would work back from there.  Depending on how many photos you have and how much time you have to work on them do a month, season or year at a time.  So 2011, 2010, etc.  If you organize in a different way then work back from your last trip or the last event.

I would highly recommend that as you go through them you tuck in little cards of notes with dates, names and memories.  Even if you never get them scrapped, they will be helpful to future generations.

P.S. Don't be afraid to get them out with a group and video you going through the pictures.  It's fun to hear everyone else's memories and many hands make light work!

Sorry I don't have photos for this but we're mostly digital.  I will admit that I have mostly avoided the two years we have of #1 before we modernized.