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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fun Double - Princess Training Gone Wrong

I sometimes forget to capture the everyday moments with the camera.  My kids love to dress up and then play in the dress up clothes.  I decided that, even though this is a common occurrence (maybe not with a bare bum), I needed to memorialize a few select moments.  I love these photos!  

My advice is to take pictures of "normal" stuff your kids do.  A friend of mine once told me one of his family family videos is a night they set the camera on a tri-pod and just let it run.  

Captions read:  Up-do, Accessories, and Poise and Grace.  
I realized when I took the photo that "Grace" fell off...how appropriate :)

To be more modest (I don't know if it worked ;) I made the photo in black and white and highlighted the princess dress up clothes in color using free Picnik software.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Super Simple Single

Simple background, long photo to mix it up and a title at the bottom for fun.  Just that simple!