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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Question About Photo Organization

I recently had the question posed to me about how to orgainize photos.  My advice for organizing photos would be the same advice I give to my customers just starting scrapbooking:  start current.  Under the same philosophy of Dave Ramsey and pay off small debts first...it's encouraging.  You are more likely to remember details and can tuck notes in with the pics.

If you organize your photos by date I would work back from there.  Depending on how many photos you have and how much time you have to work on them do a month, season or year at a time.  So 2011, 2010, etc.  If you organize in a different way then work back from your last trip or the last event.

I would highly recommend that as you go through them you tuck in little cards of notes with dates, names and memories.  Even if you never get them scrapped, they will be helpful to future generations.

P.S. Don't be afraid to get them out with a group and video you going through the pictures.  It's fun to hear everyone else's memories and many hands make light work!

Sorry I don't have photos for this but we're mostly digital.  I will admit that I have mostly avoided the two years we have of #1 before we modernized.

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