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Monday, May 7, 2012

Camera Coaching Class

I am so bummed every time Signature Photography Studio offers a class and I can't take it.  I'm tired of yellow photos in fluorescent lighting and glare off my glossy photo when I try to get a pic to upload for you all.  

So, after telling Barb, the owner, that I can't take the class....AGAIN, she offered to bring it to me!  Not sure about dates and times yet so if you are interested give me some feedback.  It will be held at the store, probably mid-week in the evening for about four weeks.  Cost would be around $80 total.  Bring in your camera and even ask questions specific to specific trouble areas and be prepared for homework and to learn more than you ever thought possible.


  1. This is a fantastic class - I could probably take it again and learn even more :-)

  2. Good to know, Jackie, thanks! I'm pretty excited for my daughter and I to take it together. I think it will be fun to do the "homework" :)


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