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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer {Sale}bration: A story

One ridiculously hot day, some downtown Saranac business owners were talking and decided to have a sale.  The thought process went something like this....

"Hey, let's have a sale."
"Good idea.  Sounds like fun."
"How about a sidewalk sale with special prices and what-not."
"How about in and outdoors so we can have the air on :)"

Photo by Brandon Mulnix

So, a new Saranac celebration, excuse me "Sale"bration, began for the first two weeks in July and I am going to have fun!

Since The Garden always has 75 cent premium paper, 50 paper and 25 cent clearance paper, as well as 20% off everything...always.  Well, I had to come up with something else.  So here goes:

During "Sale"bration...

July 2nd-13th
premium 12x12 - 2/$1.00
12x12 - 3/$1.00
Clearance 12x12 - 5/$1.00
One ticket for prize drawing each day
Additional prize drawing ticket for every $25 spent


July 2nd - 4th
everything but stickers and embellishments an additional 10% off
all stickers and embellishments an additional 15% off

July 5th - 7th
free make n' takes daily
all consignment 20% off

July 9th - 11th
40% off the retail price of any one item
all embossing folders and dies an additional 10% off

July 12th - 14th
free make n' takes daily
everything an additional 10% off

See you soon! 

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